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/gifs what a beautiful day in Montana Sat Jul 4 21:49:38 2020
/politics Kanye West announces he is running for president in the 2020 election Sat Jul 4 21:16:52 2020
/pics After years of depression, today I started my day with a beach walk Sat Jul 4 21:06:34 2020
/pics Today I proposed to the love of my life. Just wanted to tell someone! Sat Jul 4 19:27:28 2020
/interestingasfuck How to feed a stingray in an aquarium Sat Jul 4 19:24:47 2020
/worldnews China Suppression of Uighur Muslim Minorities meets U.N. Definition Of Genocide, Report Says Sat Jul 4 19:09:43 2020
/interestingasfuck Saying goodbye to a species, the very last male Northern White Rhino. A powerful photo of 2018. Sat Jul 4 18:36:53 2020
/news A rare case of brain-destroying amoeba has been confirmed in Florida Sat Jul 4 18:15:57 2020
/nottheonion Ohio ice cream shop asks customers to stop yelling at teenage employees about mask requirement Sat Jul 4 18:07:41 2020
/Aww My wife is three weeks away from her due date and our cats love snuggling her belly. Sat Jul 4 18:06:31 2020
/todayilearned TIL that the Nazis branded Einstein's theory of relativity to be "Jewish physics" and published a book "One Hundred Authors Against Einstein". When asked how he could win an argument against so many people Einstein replied that one fact was more powerful than 100 scientists Sat Jul 4 17:31:29 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Shut up and take my money Sat Jul 4 16:41:50 2020
/gifs Welp, this sums it up. Sat Jul 4 16:20:20 2020
/pics Long exposure of lightning over a volcano in Chile. Sat Jul 4 15:29:17 2020
/Aww Til the end Sat Jul 4 15:04:11 2020
/interestingasfuck Inserting a block of wood into a corner joint for extra strength Sat Jul 4 15:01:04 2020
/politics A presidency that began with bans on foreign travellers now sees Europe off limits to Americans Sat Jul 4 14:58:58 2020
/interestingasfuck For over 30 years, Daryl Davis has converted white supremacists to stop supporting racism. He has converted over 200 White supremacists to leave the KKK. He has multiple books in how Love succeeded over racism. He treats them with respect, and confronts their belief systems. Sat Jul 4 14:22:04 2020
/todayilearned TIL Mt. Rushmore was traditionally known as the Six Grandfathers (Tȟuŋkášila Šákpe). Named by Lakota medicine man after a vision of the six sacred directions: west, east, north, south, above, and below; said to represent kindness and love, full of years and wisdom, like human grandfathers. Sat Jul 4 13:53:13 2020
/worldnews Nigel Farage has been reported to UK police after apparently visiting a pub less than a fortnight after a trip to a Donald Trump rally in the United States. Anyone returning from overseas is required supposed to self-isolate for 14 days under current quarantine laws, with few exceptions. Sat Jul 4 13:25:35 2020
/pics Married for 17 years today, together for 34. (My goofy ass knew I needed to lock this down early.) Sat Jul 4 13:25:19 2020
/Aww Hey, you wanna race? Sat Jul 4 12:56:08 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Vietnamese photographer Thanh Ha Bui captured this incredible image in his parents back garden and, after spotting a line of super strong weaver ants marching across a branch, decided to test their legendary weightlifting skills. Sat Jul 4 12:35:27 2020
/politics Dr. Fauci: It's 'pretty obvious' the US is not 'going in the right direction' to control the spread of coronavirus Sat Jul 4 12:20:13 2020
/news Afghan translator who saved US lives and helped fellow translators escape danger becomes an American citizen Sat Jul 4 11:58:31 2020
/todayilearned TIL that while filming Titanic, someone spiked the crew's chowder with PCP. Over 60 people were hospitalised, including director James Cameron. They created chaos in the local hospital and Cameron was even stabbed in the face with a pen by another crew member. Sat Jul 4 11:43:55 2020
/interestingasfuck Biracial twin sisters born to a white father and mixed race mother! Sat Jul 4 11:40:39 2020
/news Police smash car window of man on way home from C4 interview about police racism Sat Jul 4 11:12:42 2020
/Aww A stray rabbit helping my bf dig a hole in the garden this past spring Sat Jul 4 10:36:48 2020
/pics my wife in a wave in oaxaca during the last 20 min of light. Sat Jul 4 10:19:38 2020
/technology Bill Gates blames social media platforms for COVID-19 spread in U.S. Sat Jul 4 09:49:15 2020
/UpliftingNews Afghan translator who saved US lives becomes a US citizen Sat Jul 4 09:44:38 2020
/gifs Happy Independence Day Sat Jul 4 09:24:14 2020
/Aww Interviewer: “So what special abilities do you have that would help with the job?” Sat Jul 4 09:16:18 2020
/Aww Guy drives 45 minutes out to a field every day to gain the trust of a stray pittie ❤️ Sat Jul 4 08:48:14 2020
/worldnews North Korea says no need for talks with US as they’re nothing more than ‘shallow trick’ to make Trump look good Sat Jul 4 08:47:56 2020
/politics Mike Pence Calls Donald Trump "My Father" In Facebook Campaign Ad Sat Jul 4 08:38:02 2020
/news $50 fine in Charleston, South Carolina for not wearing a mask Sat Jul 4 08:21:08 2020
/interestingasfuck This Marionettist is so talented that the real dog sniffs the marionette dog's butt! Sat Jul 4 08:08:07 2020
/todayilearned TIL the 'Ghost Army' was created in 1944 as the first tactical deception unit in US Army history to fool the German Wehrmacht. They used inflatable tanks, fake radio traffic, sound effects, and created phony headquarters with bogus officers. This was kept a secret for decades after the war. Sat Jul 4 07:47:47 2020
/politics Joe Biden: Trump erodes America's foundation. This July 4, I pledge to rebuild it. Sat Jul 4 07:43:32 2020
/pics This Rooftop In NYC Sat Jul 4 07:23:03 2020
/interestingasfuck This School Bus Converted Into A Home Sat Jul 4 07:07:42 2020
/politics Donald Trump Is Now ‘America’s Number One Traitor,’ Says Veterans Group | “Benedict Arnold can step aside,” VoteVets says in its latest anti-Trump attack ad Sat Jul 4 06:44:29 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Think I'll change my job title to rainbow maker instead of airport firefighter. Have a good day y'all Sat Jul 4 06:24:20 2020
/Aww "Are you mocking me? Cause I feel like I'm being mocked" Sat Jul 4 06:07:59 2020
/worldnews Germany's seal population on the rise after coronavirus restrictions clear beaches - This spring, as many of Germany's beaches were closed and people were encouraged to stay home, gray seals in the North Sea appear to have thrived. Numbers have tripled since 2008. Sat Jul 4 05:36:25 2020
/worldnews Trump official claims China ‘deliberately’ sent coronavirus to US as cases soar across country Sat Jul 4 03:41:19 2020
/interestingasfuck A calm reminder from this Gorilla that he could easily take your life. Sat Jul 4 02:17:21 2020
/Aww You can always give somebody a boost Sat Jul 4 01:52:49 2020
/pics The real surfing photo they do not show you… Sat Jul 4 01:10:45 2020
/pics My autistic brother Jufran. Donated over 100k to autism charities from sales. Legend. Sat Jul 4 00:02:27 2020
/gifs Construction worker getting his Michael Jackson on. Fri Jul 3 23:55:26 2020
/interestingasfuck I found this on /r/fireworks randomly. I have never seen anything like this. How in the hell is this possible? This one shell has to cost an arm and a leg Fri Jul 3 23:44:24 2020
/todayilearned TIL that the US $2 bill is still being produced in large numbers. The apparent scarcity of the bill is caused by collectors taking it out of circulation because they think that it is rarer than it actually is. Fri Jul 3 23:17:17 2020
/politics Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for coronavirus, reports say Fri Jul 3 22:31:03 2020
/interestingasfuck What LA looks like during 4th of July weekend. Fri Jul 3 21:39:26 2020
/Aww This surveillance camera catch the moment a dog took his owner shoe and sleep beside this showing how much he miss his owner meanwhile he was at work. Fri Jul 3 20:36:18 2020
/politics ‘Benedict Donald’: New Ad From Veterans’ Group Compares Trump to America’s Greatest Traitor Over Russia Bounties | ‘He Consorts with a Foreign Enemy, Puts Bounties on the Heads of American Troops’ Fri Jul 3 20:22:38 2020
/news Protesters in keystone blocking road to Mount Rushmore, declared an 'unlawful assembly' Fri Jul 3 20:18:16 2020
/technology YouTube TV jacks up pricing to $64.99, most expensive cable TV alternative Fri Jul 3 20:05:54 2020
/todayilearned TIL the eagle on US currency has a name. It’s Peter, and he lived at the mint in Philadelphia. After he died he was stuffed and he still hangs at the entrance. Fri Jul 3 19:42:43 2020
/politics Fox Host Wonders When Masks Got ‘Political.’ He Should Watch His Own Network. Fri Jul 3 19:42:25 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Thomas Jefferson’s sixth great grandson recreates his photo Fri Jul 3 18:59:27 2020
/Aww Someone on my FB group had a gofer move in their yard so they made him at home Fri Jul 3 18:22:50 2020
/interestingasfuck This was the first ever design of Voldemort, which many find far more terrifying Fri Jul 3 18:19:48 2020
/nottheonion Mexico closes US border in Arizona to stop July 4th visitors, citing COVID-19 fears Fri Jul 3 18:18:14 2020
/politics The Russian bounty scandal raises a terrible question: Is Trump a traitor? Fri Jul 3 18:12:02 2020
/pics In Honor of the Redskins exploring a name change Fri Jul 3 17:33:17 2020
/worldnews Mexico closes US border in Arizona to stop July 4th visitors, citing COVID-19 fears Fri Jul 3 16:58:04 2020
/todayilearned TIL that the Nazis massacred an entire village in France (Oradour-sur-Glane), killing 642 people, including 247 children. Unlike other Nazi village massacre sites, which were razed or rebuilt and marked by monuments or fields of roses, the charred remains of the village have been left untouched. Fri Jul 3 16:42:40 2020
/politics Infectious disease expert: Trump Mt. Rushmore event is 'beyond irresponsible' and 'the behavior of a cult leader Fri Jul 3 15:41:28 2020
/news Private Jet with US tourists rejected at Italy’s borders Fri Jul 3 15:28:06 2020
/gifs Fire Suppression Malfunction at a Quincy, MA Gas Station yesterday. Fri Jul 3 15:22:39 2020
/Aww A turtle that was stuck gets help from humans Fri Jul 3 15:03:21 2020
/politics Mexico closes US border in Arizona to stop July 4th visitors, citing COVID-19 fears Fri Jul 3 14:45:17 2020
/pics “It’s not just a phase.” Fri Jul 3 14:03:29 2020
/news NRA has shed 200 staffers this year as group faces financial crisis Fri Jul 3 13:49:15 2020
/todayilearned TIL that Harry Truman refused corporate money after his presidency because he didn’t want to diminish the honor of the office. For a while, his only income was his $112.56 army pension. Fri Jul 3 12:43:43 2020
/pics To the Karen's that can't wear masks. I have asthma and work 13 hour shifts in this. Fri Jul 3 12:42:37 2020
/politics For the third time this week, Trump plays golf amid Russian bounty scandal, coronavirus spikes Fri Jul 3 12:15:14 2020
/interestingasfuck This ultra-rare South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher was photographed for the very first time (credit: Miguel de Leon). Fri Jul 3 12:04:20 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 An owl chilling on a stump 🔥 Fri Jul 3 11:54:08 2020
/worldnews Canada Says It Will Suspend Its Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong Fri Jul 3 11:35:24 2020
/news NFL’s Redskins succumb to pressure, will explore changing name Fri Jul 3 11:24:46 2020
/Aww he is so in love with his human Fri Jul 3 11:06:23 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting A father designs a headstone for his wheelchair-bound son depicting him "free of his earthly burdens." Fri Jul 3 10:38:24 2020
/pics Thomas Jefferson photo recreation by his sixth great-grandson Fri Jul 3 10:18:32 2020
/technology Germany is first major economy to phase out coal and nuclear Fri Jul 3 10:18:22 2020
/politics GOP Rep. Refuses to Wear Mask, Told to Leave Gettysburg Museum Fri Jul 3 10:14:32 2020
/todayilearned TIL of Ghulam Dastagir, a Stationmaster who refused to leave his post during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, & prevented any trains from stopping at the station, saving thousands of lives even as his colleagues were dead and he himself spent 2 decades in and out of hospital due to long exposure to the Gas Fri Jul 3 10:04:41 2020
/pics A pic of Alison Brie and Danny Pudi in a Donald Glover show back when community was airing Fri Jul 3 09:06:24 2020
/Aww These two foster puppies rescued from a hoarder were so scared but they finally let me pet them. Fri Jul 3 08:59:30 2020
/todayilearned TIL that opossum’s eat 95% of all ticks they come across — up to 5,000 a year! Fri Jul 3 08:30:59 2020
/interestingasfuck This is an Aztec/Mayan weapon called Macuahuitl, it's made from just sharp rocks (obsidian is mostly used), and wood, it's so strong and sharp, it can not only Decapitate man, but also a horse. Fri Jul 3 08:03:27 2020
/gifs Bouncing a ball off 7 pans, 1 glass plate, a vertical surface and making it into a cup just barely bigger than the ball. Fri Jul 3 08:02:07 2020
/news Elijah McClain was injected with ketamine while handcuffed. Some medical experts worry about its use during police calls. Fri Jul 3 07:36:15 2020
/politics Stacey Abrams on long lines to vote: "It’s a Poll Tax when someone has to risk an entire day’s wage" Fri Jul 3 07:32:57 2020
/news Two officers who allegedly used stuns gun on man dozens of times charged with murder Fri Jul 3 07:04:34 2020
/interestingasfuck These chess pieces. Fri Jul 3 06:58:03 2020

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