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/news u/hero0fwar is on fire making quality OC (r/birdswitharms + r/reallifedoodles? What is this, a crossover episode?) in After Effects, Photoshop & Adobe Creative Cloud’s 20+ creative apps. Set your creativity ablaze. Make the leap to Adobe Creative Cloud. Students save 60%. Mon Aug 3 13:50:38 2020
/politics Trump and his company being investigated for bank fraud, Manhattan prosecutors suggest Mon Aug 3 13:12:05 2020
/nottheonion Tampons and pads are no longer banned at Texas bar exams Mon Aug 3 13:05:53 2020
/interestingasfuck Rotating park bench, you can rotate it to sit on the dry side on rainy days Mon Aug 3 12:25:10 2020
/Aww Baby stares at a woman then smirks Mon Aug 3 11:51:33 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting In 1921 a mob of white supremacists with the help of the United States National Guard attacked a prosperous black community in Tusla, OK, and murdered at least 200 and injured more than 1,000 black people. They even used airplanes in the attack. This day is also known as Black Wall Street Massacre Mon Aug 3 11:17:19 2020
/interestingasfuck This guy's brother made a game that can project on the items in a room: Mon Aug 3 11:15:58 2020
/gifs Noodle making machine Mon Aug 3 10:51:26 2020
/worldnews Schools in Mexico will not reopen at start of academic year - Nationwide educational television to be broadcast. Mon Aug 3 10:49:00 2020
/Aww This is Maya. Her owner built her a luxury log cabin. Mon Aug 3 10:30:04 2020
/todayilearned TIL Physical attractiveness has a significant influence on judges sentencing. The more unattractive the criminal, the higher the sentence. Results of three studies show a minimum increase of 119.25% and a maximum increase of 304.88%. Mon Aug 3 10:26:26 2020
/technology Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos got $14 billion richer in a single day as Facebook and Amazon shrugged off the coronavirus recession Mon Aug 3 09:35:07 2020
/pics Everyone wearing a mask while attending a football game in 1918. ( 102 years ago ) Mon Aug 3 09:08:32 2020
/politics Trump Explodes After Nevada Approves Automatically Sending All Voters Mail-In Ballots Mon Aug 3 08:51:54 2020
/news Thomson recalls all onions from the entire U.S. because of link to Salmonella Newport outbreak Mon Aug 3 08:11:12 2020
/todayilearned TIL that even though he died in 1994, Kim Il-sung remains president of North Korea. The constitution was revised in 1998, declaring him 'Eternal President of the Republic', making North Korea the only necrocracy in the world - a government that still operates under the rules of a dead former leader. Mon Aug 3 07:27:30 2020
/interestingasfuck This Baboon is helping his dog Friend to get rid of bugs. Mon Aug 3 07:22:13 2020
/pics Anti poachers guarding the gorillas selfie Mon Aug 3 07:17:58 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Baby snapping turtles look just like little dinosaurs Mon Aug 3 07:06:41 2020
/worldnews Coronavirus: Liberty doesn't include the right to make others ill, says Mattarella (President of the Italian Republic) Mon Aug 3 06:50:01 2020
/gifs Oh, to be a cute duck swimming in Northern Italy Mon Aug 3 06:39:50 2020
/Aww Sleeping squirrels Mon Aug 3 06:24:05 2020
/politics Bernie Sanders: ‘The next three months are the most important in modern U.S. history’ | Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont calls the nation’s rising economic inequality “a moral issue” and says democracy is at stake in the 2020 presidential election. Mon Aug 3 05:56:37 2020
/Aww Where have you been... I missed you so much! Mon Aug 3 04:02:50 2020
/pics Found this sign, It seems the only requirement for this job is to have a hint of common sense Mon Aug 3 03:30:20 2020
/worldnews Two cruise ships hit by coronavirus weeks after industry restarts Mon Aug 3 02:59:32 2020
/Aww That face though! Mon Aug 3 01:59:31 2020
/interestingasfuck Lithops, “Living Stones”, a genus of succulent plants whose rocklike appearance serves as camouflage from herbivores. Mon Aug 3 01:49:53 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting The view from the window seat returning to Earth from space. Captured by: astronaut Mike Hopkins Mon Aug 3 00:25:47 2020
/news ‘You got 2 seconds before I shoot:’ Florida man kills Burger King worker after order takes too long, deputies say Sun Aug 2 23:08:16 2020
/todayilearned TIL that King Charles II in 1662 ordered all female roles in plays to be played by women after a play he was watching was interrupted on account of a man cast as a woman taking too long to shave Sun Aug 2 23:07:13 2020
/interestingasfuck In 1984, Bruce McCandless hovered 320 ft away from the Challenger and made it back safely using a nitrogen jetpack called Manned Maneuver Unit. Sun Aug 2 22:28:28 2020
/Aww Even his best friend has a cone of shame Sun Aug 2 22:05:24 2020
/pics The last operating Blockbuster in Bend,Oregon is selling merch to keep its doors open Sun Aug 2 21:48:05 2020
/todayilearned TIL Thurgood Marshall was almost lynched in Tennessee after winning the acquittals of 23 Black men. He was saved only because his co-counsel decided to follow Marshall and the police and intervene, instead of following orders to leave town. Sun Aug 2 21:17:53 2020
/politics Oklahoma City Thunder players kneel during anthem despite threat from GOP state lawmaker Sun Aug 2 20:48:05 2020
/pics My sis at home after being on a ventilator for 3 1/2 weeks. Had to relearn to eat, walk, and talk. Sun Aug 2 20:37:21 2020
/nottheonion Pentagon determined to crack down on leaks — leaked material shows Sun Aug 2 19:50:13 2020
/todayilearned Today I learned that the nations of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda are considering merging to form a new nation: the East African Federation Sun Aug 2 19:50:12 2020
/interestingasfuck Simple solution to a common problem Sun Aug 2 19:49:38 2020
/news Man yells, ‘I am a white supremacist,’ strikes woman at Nokomis restaurant - News - Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sun Aug 2 19:27:16 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Scarlett the cat and her kittens. In 1996, this extraordinarily brave cat went back into a burning building several times carrying each of her kittens back out. That's a badass cat. Sun Aug 2 19:23:13 2020
/politics Nevada passes bill to mail all voters ballots amid pandemic Sun Aug 2 19:06:04 2020
/pics Burning my suicide note because from now on I will work Things out Sun Aug 2 18:51:08 2020
/Aww Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world's most Italian toddler. Sun Aug 2 18:42:20 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 For everyone sorting by gnu 🔥 Sun Aug 2 17:53:05 2020
/todayilearned Today I learned of Dr. Donald Hopkins. He helped eradicate Smallpox, and is on the verge of killing another disease. He's done Guinea Worm Disease down from 3.5 million cases a year to just 37 cases last year. Sun Aug 2 17:51:42 2020
/worldnews Almost 13,000 people refused entry to Canada from U.S. during pandemic Sun Aug 2 16:47:52 2020
/Aww Oldest Golden Retriever is twice the age of its life expectancy and still going! Sun Aug 2 16:47:45 2020
/todayilearned TIL Supreme stole their famous box logo from another artist named Barbara Kruger. When Supreme sued another company for copyright infringement of their box logo, Kruger was asked for comment by a Complex editor. Her comment was “What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers”. Sun Aug 2 16:18:01 2020
/pics A collage of sunset pictures taken from my window during July Sun Aug 2 16:13:22 2020
/politics Deutsche Bank Opens Review Into Personal Banker to Trump and Kushner Sun Aug 2 15:54:10 2020
/gifs Good guy Gator saves kid Sun Aug 2 15:30:55 2020
/interestingasfuck The Zangbeto is a ritualistic Gambian dance wherein the dancer is cloaked in palm fronds from head to toe Sun Aug 2 15:29:17 2020
/technology NASA astronauts safely drop into sea after pioneering SpaceX mission to International Space Station Sun Aug 2 15:03:04 2020
/Aww A very fine cheetah Sun Aug 2 13:21:39 2020
/pics A tomato that looks like Larry Bird Sun Aug 2 13:06:33 2020
/interestingasfuck This tree on my Aunts property has a story to tell. Sun Aug 2 12:44:59 2020
/todayilearned TIL that “TurboTax Free” is not actually free, but “TurboTax Free File” actually IS free (if you make under 36k). This was done to purposefully mislead the public into paying for a service that should be free according to the IRS. Sun Aug 2 11:53:26 2020
/politics The GOP Is Blocking Journalists From Covering Trump’s Renomination. That’s a First in Modern History. Sun Aug 2 11:53:19 2020
/Aww Astronaut Leland Melvin's official NASA portrait Sun Aug 2 11:35:29 2020
/politics It's time to start handing out fines to people who refuse to wear masks Sun Aug 2 10:41:26 2020
/gifs Ringo Starr photo attempt Sun Aug 2 10:32:39 2020
/pics How it feels to be a healthcare worker right now Sun Aug 2 09:55:59 2020
/todayilearned TIL The Offspring's Album 'Smash' had a small budget of $20,000, which limited studio time, the last four songs recorded for the album were worked through in just two nights. 'Smash' went on to be the best-selling album released by an independent record label with over 11 million sales. Sun Aug 2 09:21:48 2020
/interestingasfuck Here are my removed & genetically modified white blood cells, about to be put back in to hopefully cure my cancer! This is t-cell immunotherapy! Sun Aug 2 09:00:28 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Largest Elephant in the world ,8000 kg weight ,TANZANIA. Sun Aug 2 08:18:31 2020
/worldnews Americans Go Home: Canadians Track U.S. Boaters Sneaking Across The Border Sun Aug 2 08:15:12 2020
/news Portland police record highest number of death investigations in single month in more than three decades Sun Aug 2 07:14:48 2020
/interestingasfuck Wait for it Sun Aug 2 07:10:18 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Beehive, Honey and Sunlight. Sun Aug 2 07:01:36 2020
/pics Cat snuggled up on statue Sun Aug 2 06:59:42 2020
/politics From 9/11 to Portland, it was inevitable ‘Homeland Security’ would be turned on the American people | Will Bunch Sun Aug 2 06:59:03 2020
/Aww Kid meets baby alpaca Sun Aug 2 06:46:03 2020
/todayilearned TIL that the lead singer of the California punk band The Offspring (Self Esteem, Come Out and Play, etc.) has a Ph.D in Molecular Biology and that his dissertation focused on HIV/AIDS research. Sun Aug 2 06:12:41 2020
/interestingasfuck 36 years was taken to make this accurate model of ancient Rome Sun Aug 2 06:03:44 2020
/interestingasfuck The Tamaskan is a dog breed that looks like a wolf but with zero wolf blood. It is a happy and friendly pet. No terriers were eaten in the making of this post. Sun Aug 2 03:31:33 2020
/Aww My dad and his Maine Coon, Buba! Sun Aug 2 03:14:05 2020
/gifs Receipt boomerang Sun Aug 2 01:40:43 2020
/Aww It’s a great feeling knowing that he can relax because he trusts me. I love this feeling 🥰🥰 Sun Aug 2 01:17:41 2020
/interestingasfuck Spotted a rainbow cloud from my balcony. Not as beautiful as Aurora but pretty rare to see such phenomena in India. Sun Aug 2 00:39:55 2020
/sports Michael Jordan donates $2.5 million to three organizations to combat Black voter suppression as part of his previous $100 million pledge Sun Aug 2 00:11:44 2020
/politics Rep. With COVID Says Health Choices Are Up To Him; Critics Say That’s What Women Have Been Saying | Rep. Louie Gohmert, who believes women should be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, is suddenly all about (his) health choice freedoms. Sat Aug 1 22:52:09 2020
/todayilearned TIL Mr Clean Magic Erasers are the same material people use for insulating and soundproofing. It's also easy to buy and cheap, you can by 100 Magic Eraser equivalent for $5.53. Sat Aug 1 22:25:24 2020
/pics Expecting our first child in September. My mother crocheted an octopus for her, suckers and all. Sat Aug 1 22:00:13 2020
/todayilearned TIl Norway only spend 3% of their oil fund a year. Because they are saving for the next generation Sat Aug 1 21:40:31 2020
/Aww Cutie Sat Aug 1 21:01:33 2020
/Aww This is my first ever pet that’s all mine! Not my brothers. Not my parents. Not my kids. Now my (now ex) husband. ALL MINE! Y’all meet Cordelia Rose. A rescue that’s stolen my heart! Sat Aug 1 20:59:04 2020
/pics Me and my latest project - a custom pine desk designed and built from scratch. Sat Aug 1 20:55:47 2020
/worldnews The US ambassador to Brazil reportedly asked Brazilian officials to help Trump’s reelection Sat Aug 1 20:18:03 2020
/politics New Emails Show Mike Pence Got Disgraced Governor Back Into the Navy After Sex Crime Charge: Report Sat Aug 1 19:54:10 2020
/interestingasfuck SpaceX falcon 9 leaving Earth's atmosphere and created a "Twilight Phenomenon" Sat Aug 1 19:07:38 2020
/news Couple who yelled 'white power' at Black man and his girlfriend arrested for hate crimes Sat Aug 1 18:59:59 2020
/todayilearned TIL that Louis Armstrong always wore a Star of David as an homage to a Jewish family that took him in when he was young and gave him his first horn Sat Aug 1 17:44:54 2020
/politics Impeachment Witness Vindman: U.S. Looks Increasingly Like ‘the Authoritarian Regime My Family Fled’ Sat Aug 1 17:20:59 2020
/Aww Wait what happened!! Sat Aug 1 16:45:11 2020
/interestingasfuck These carvings my dad made out of pencils in 1993 Sat Aug 1 16:22:10 2020
/todayilearned TIL most Americans support eliminating the penny but attempts to do so have been stopped by Jarden Zinc Products, the sole provider of zinc penny blanks. Canada eliminated their penny in 2012. Sat Aug 1 16:04:19 2020
/interestingasfuck A couple decided to rebuild their deserted piece of land of 600 hectares in Aimorés, Brazil. They planted more than 2 million tree saplings. As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. Took 18 years. Sat Aug 1 15:53:00 2020
/politics Trump Impeachment Witness Lt. Col. Vindman Says U.S. Government Now Reminiscent of Soviet-Style Regime Sat Aug 1 15:24:37 2020

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