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/pics Elderly woman born on Feb. 29, 1920 celebrates her 25th birthday Fri Feb 28 20:09:14 2020
/UpliftingNews The boss who put everyone on $70k salary, took a paycut of $1m, and increased company payment values from $3.8bn a year to £10.2bn - in just 5 years Fri Feb 28 18:21:34 2020
/interestingasfuck Spring made from shape-memory alloy Fri Feb 28 17:28:42 2020
/gifs Getting the shot Fri Feb 28 17:25:36 2020
/Aww Happiness is different for everyone 🐶 Fri Feb 28 17:19:44 2020
/todayilearned TIL After illegally demolishing a historic London pub that survived the Blitz, a property developer/lawyer was ordered by court to rebuild it brick by brick. Fri Feb 28 16:35:38 2020
/worldnews Indian Official Threatens to Interfere in US Election to Stop Sanders. The statement came in a response to a tweet from Sanders who condemned President Donald Trump for failing to speak out against anti-Muslim mob violence that rocked India’s capital earlier this week Fri Feb 28 14:32:25 2020
/politics AOC takes down Ted Cruz over coronavirus comment: 'I’m surprised you’re asking about chromosomes given you don’t believe in evolution' Fri Feb 28 14:08:32 2020
/politics Ted Cruz tried to mock AOC's scientific knowledge – it didn't end well Fri Feb 28 13:48:59 2020
/pics My mom and I finished a 40,000 piece jigsaw puzzle! Fri Feb 28 13:35:37 2020
/gifs Oiling a hardwood floor Fri Feb 28 12:55:08 2020
/interestingasfuck The different sands of the Sahara desert Fri Feb 28 12:51:00 2020
/Aww Animal crossing Fri Feb 28 12:31:53 2020
/todayilearned TIL that the most requested song at British funerals is Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". The comedy song beat out more traditional choices like "The Lord is My Shepherd" and "Abide With Me," as well as Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now". Fri Feb 28 12:22:11 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Getting Old by Sergi Cadenas. Fri Feb 28 11:29:10 2020
/worldnews A Chinese Citizen Journalist Covering Coronavirus Just Live-Streamed His Own Arrest Fri Feb 28 11:17:22 2020
/news Cincinnati church wipes out $46.5 million in medical debt for 45,000 families Fri Feb 28 10:56:51 2020
/politics The Mayor Of Jackson, Mississippi, Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders' 2020 Campaign Fri Feb 28 10:42:55 2020
/politics New Yorker cover shows Trump with a mask over his eyes, to critique his coronavirus response Fri Feb 28 10:42:34 2020
/politics Republicans storm out of coronavirus briefing after Democrat rips Trump's response Fri Feb 28 09:31:17 2020
/Aww I wanted a cat, my wife wanted a dog, we compromised and now have Gibson Fri Feb 28 09:13:21 2020
/news Judge: Military funds for Washington state can’t go to wall Fri Feb 28 08:30:11 2020
/Aww I also didn't poop in my kennel today. Fri Feb 28 08:05:44 2020
/pics The Statue of Mr.Bean (Rowan Atkinson) unveiled today in Leicester Square ,London Fri Feb 28 07:56:53 2020
/gifs Team of amateurs vs 1 NBA player Fri Feb 28 06:49:59 2020
/worldnews The Trump administration has barred the top US disease expert from speaking freely to the public after he warned the coronavirus may be impossible to contain Fri Feb 28 06:15:50 2020
/politics Whistleblower Accuses Trump of 'Corrupt' Effort to 'Cover Up' Possible Exposure of Federal Workers to Coronavirus; "The utter ineptitude of this administration is infuriating. They are going to get people killed." Fri Feb 28 05:37:23 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Mount Fuji from above Fri Feb 28 05:12:28 2020
/Aww This aquarium setup with 24/7 live soccer Fri Feb 28 04:55:07 2020
/todayilearned TIL that Maria Theresa of Austria had her children inoculated against smallpox after the epidemic of 1767. This changed the negative perception of inoculation among Austrian physicians. Maria Theresa also held a dinner in her palace for the first 65 children who had been inoculated in Austria. Fri Feb 28 04:53:43 2020
/interestingasfuck Man finds an Iguana in the middle of the ocean, gives it a ride back to safety Fri Feb 28 04:32:21 2020
/UpliftingNews Beginning this weekend, public transport in Luxembourg will be completely free Fri Feb 28 02:46:40 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Shadows-> OFF Fri Feb 28 01:47:24 2020
/pics One of the most interesting building!! Zaandam,Netherlands!! Fri Feb 28 01:31:58 2020
/interestingasfuck Storm over Paris, France. Fri Feb 28 01:25:43 2020
/news Alabama blocked a man from voting because he owed $4 Thu Feb 27 23:16:20 2020
/politics Judge voids nearly 1 million acres of oil and gas leases, saying Trump policy undercut public input Thu Feb 27 22:26:01 2020
/pics This is the cost of a Rattlesnake bite in America Thu Feb 27 22:01:09 2020
/nottheonion Man dies live on air while complaining about Iraq’s health service Thu Feb 27 21:44:39 2020
/interestingasfuck An elephant was caught picking up trash and throwing it into a trash can on a security camera Thu Feb 27 21:20:42 2020
/Aww Couldn't find my girlfriend at our family sunday funday dinner, checked mom's room and found this... Thu Feb 27 20:29:49 2020
/Aww I saw this and it really touched my heart. These are the first beautiful moments between a man and his newly adopted dog. 🥰 💓 Thu Feb 27 20:07:17 2020
/todayilearned TIL a woman told an auto shop she had to cancel her service appt. as her car was stolen. One of the 3 Tulsa men who own the auto shop called her back the next day to tell her he & his buddies are chasing her stolen car. With TPD dispatch, they got her car back after after a 15 min chase. Thu Feb 27 19:26:17 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Seaglass Beauty, Japan Thu Feb 27 18:56:43 2020
/todayilearned TIL of the American Indian Chief, Adam Fortunate Eagle, who landed in Italy in full traditional regalia and claimed the country "by right of discovery" , just as Columbus had claimed the Americas. Thu Feb 27 18:42:23 2020
/politics A ‘Corrupt’ Response and ‘Cover-Up’: Trump Admin Appears to Have Sparked Coronavirus Outbreak in U.S. Thu Feb 27 18:41:52 2020
/UpliftingNews Burly bikers come together in court to help kids feel safe as they face abusers that hurt them Thu Feb 27 18:16:12 2020
/worldnews US says Chinese warship fired military laser at US aircraft Thu Feb 27 18:16:04 2020
/pics This is what 50 years of marriage and the last days of hospice care look like... Thu Feb 27 18:15:17 2020
/gifs Doggo swims out into the harbor to meet his favorite ocean-bro... Thu Feb 27 18:12:06 2020
/politics DNC Superdelegate Promoting Brokered Convention Is a Significant GOP Donor, Health Care Lobbyist Thu Feb 27 17:42:45 2020
/pics Bedtime listening for masochists Thu Feb 27 17:12:48 2020
/interestingasfuck This man has the rarest blood type in the world, known as Rh-null. It’s known as the Golden Blood Type because of its rarity, being found in only 43 people throughout all of recorded human history. Thu Feb 27 16:28:19 2020
/Aww That is an aww from me Thu Feb 27 15:43:21 2020
/news Dow falls 1,191 points -- the most in history Thu Feb 27 15:35:13 2020
/politics Hey, Trump supporters: He'd rather endanger your health than lose an election Thu Feb 27 15:22:43 2020
/worldnews California braces for surge in coronavirus cases as Mike Pence 'bans top doctor from speaking out' Thu Feb 27 14:35:28 2020
/politics Coronavirus in the US: Lack of paid sick leave could spread disease Thu Feb 27 13:39:36 2020
/todayilearned TIL that a Spanish town mailed dog poop back to offenders. A team of volunteers looked for careless dog owners and struck up conversations to learn the dog's name, which made it possible to identify the owner via pet records and mail back the poop, labeled "Lost Property." Violations dropped by 70%. Thu Feb 27 12:27:24 2020
/pics "Mud Maid" is a living sculpture in Cornwall, UK that changes depending on the season. Thu Feb 27 12:13:31 2020
/politics Trump's Coronavirus Press Conference Was the Apotheosis of 40 Years of Republican Philosophy | The neglect of science, the rejection of empiricism, the deliberately cultivated incompetence within the institutions of government. Thu Feb 27 11:46:35 2020
/interestingasfuck This is an actual picture of a molecule taken by IBM Thu Feb 27 11:23:03 2020
/Aww Pup decided to join kitty on lookout. Thu Feb 27 10:46:08 2020
/politics Warren introduces bill to redirect wall money to coronavirus Thu Feb 27 10:28:41 2020
/interestingasfuck These newborn twins instinctively reaching for one another to hold hands just moments after delivery. Thu Feb 27 10:20:44 2020
/todayilearned TIL that ‘seven nation army’ is how a young Jack White used to mispronounce the Salvation Army. Thu Feb 27 10:06:39 2020
/interestingasfuck Filmmakers getting creative with their techniques while on a budget Thu Feb 27 10:05:58 2020
/gifs The way these rain drops fall off a high density netting over an apple orchard Thu Feb 27 09:57:47 2020
/Aww Touch the snoot Thu Feb 27 08:59:09 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 chunk of ice broke off and was shaped by the current Thu Feb 27 08:49:12 2020
/nottheonion Plague Inc. removed from Chinese app stores amid outbreak Thu Feb 27 08:27:30 2020
/news The Church of Scientology released hundreds of balloons at the opening of a California church. Local officials want to make sure it never happens again Thu Feb 27 08:22:48 2020
/politics Sanders rips Pence: His last response to an epidemic was to 'pray' it away Thu Feb 27 08:04:42 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Rain falling off high density hail netting over an apple orchard (via sciencesetfree IG) Thu Feb 27 07:54:36 2020
/gifs Taking off Thu Feb 27 07:37:35 2020
/todayilearned TIL that there is a place on Earth known as “Point Nemo” that is so far away from any island or mainland that the closest people to that point are actually the astronauts on the International Space Station. Thu Feb 27 07:08:34 2020
/worldnews WHO official calls Trump comments on coronavirus response 'incoherent' Thu Feb 27 07:03:19 2020
/worldnews The wife of a former Putin ally has paid £90,000 for a game of tennis with Boris Johnson as he continues to sit on a report detailing his party's links to Russia Thu Feb 27 06:52:54 2020
/interestingasfuck This is how a baby camel looks like Thu Feb 27 06:46:34 2020
/UpliftingNews Marine commandant banishes Confederate symbols from all Corps installations Thu Feb 27 06:40:17 2020
/politics Ocasio-Cortez Says Putting Pence in Charge of Coronavirus Effort Is 'Irresponsible' Because He 'Literally Does Not Believe in Science' — "This decision could cost people their lives. Pence's past decisions already have." Thu Feb 27 05:49:55 2020
/Aww TIL this is how swans hug! Thu Feb 27 05:29:01 2020
/pics A Pakistani boy heading to his home after buying yogurt. OC Thu Feb 27 05:11:12 2020
/gifs Overkill Basketball Skills Thu Feb 27 05:09:11 2020
/news Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf banned for life from banking, ordered to pay $17.5M Thu Feb 27 04:45:19 2020
/Aww One of our kittens is a bit of a drama queen Thu Feb 27 03:29:12 2020
/todayilearned TIL that a new microbe called a hemimastigote was found in Nova Scotia. The Hemimastix kukwesjijk is not a plant, animal, fungus, or protozoa — it constitutes an entirely new kingdom. Thu Feb 27 03:04:49 2020
/Aww This guy just turned ten and he only gets prettier with age Thu Feb 27 02:34:22 2020
/Aww Happy little kitten <3 Thu Feb 27 01:03:13 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 This Owls incredible camouflage Thu Feb 27 00:42:41 2020
/Aww Forbidden Love! Wed Feb 26 23:33:05 2020
/politics Mike Pence, who enabled an HIV outbreak in Indiana, will lead US coronavirus response Wed Feb 26 21:46:43 2020
/todayilearned TIL that pound for pound, beef liver is so nutrient-dense, it surpasses any meat, fruit or vegetable in terms of nutritional content. Simply speaking, it’s the most nutritious food you can eat. The protein it contains is also of the highest quality of any meat. Wed Feb 26 21:33:42 2020
/interestingasfuck Huge vacuum used to clean up streets Wed Feb 26 21:01:20 2020
/gifs Mom level: Expert Wed Feb 26 20:41:59 2020
/pics My mom, at that pasta place, with crayons Wed Feb 26 20:26:05 2020
/Aww My velvet hippo sees his chance Wed Feb 26 20:12:02 2020
/news Marine commandant banishes Confederate symbols from all Corps installations Wed Feb 26 20:05:17 2020
/Aww A cat discovering the joys of catnip Wed Feb 26 18:54:30 2020
/news Lesbian teacher suspended for showing photo of 'future wife' gets $100,000 settlement Wed Feb 26 18:50:51 2020

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