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/nottheonion Abortion Clinic Protestors Cited for Violating Order Prohibiting Large Gatherings Sat Apr 4 20:39:34 2020
/news Kobe Bryant posthumously elected to Basketball Hall of Fame Sat Apr 4 19:22:10 2020
/interestingasfuck DIY Face Mask from US Surgeon General Sat Apr 4 19:10:30 2020
/interestingasfuck Prototype heat collar that is supposed to expands to protect hand. This version works a little to well. Sat Apr 4 17:54:50 2020
/Aww " Thank You Nice Hooman. " 🦌 Sat Apr 4 17:50:47 2020
/worldnews IKEA (the world's largest furniture retailer) has revealed that 70% of the materials used to make its products during 2018 were either renewable or recycled, as it strives to reach the 100% mark by 2030. Sat Apr 4 17:30:54 2020
/gifs Shortcake is here to offer you soft pittie smiles Sat Apr 4 16:26:57 2020
/politics Democrats want to provide mail-in ballots amid COVID-19. Republicans don’t. Sat Apr 4 16:19:21 2020
/worldnews Cuban officials say a shipment of coronavirus aid from Asia's richest man, Jack Ma, has been blocked by the six-decade U.S. embargo on the island. Sat Apr 4 15:56:16 2020
/news A Florida county is reminding people to maintain a distance of at least one alligator between each other Sat Apr 4 15:49:59 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Albino Raccoon Sat Apr 4 15:40:31 2020
/politics Coronavirus: Ship whose captain was sacked for raising alarm sees more infections Sat Apr 4 15:36:00 2020
/interestingasfuck A Skate Shop & a Butchershop are located next to each other....They share one sign... Sat Apr 4 14:59:44 2020
/todayilearned TIL The day that "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" premiered, there was an op-ed in the New York Times titled "O'Brien flops" that said "one can't help but have grave doubts about his prospects". The op-ed was written by Conan O'Brien himself. Sat Apr 4 14:50:58 2020
/Aww I can play too! Sat Apr 4 14:47:48 2020
/worldnews More than 700k people sign petition that call for the resignation of Ghebreyesus, WHO director general Sat Apr 4 14:34:44 2020
/pics Mexican lady receiving a food package from a food bank project during this crisis Sat Apr 4 14:30:56 2020
/Aww My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today! Sat Apr 4 14:09:49 2020
/politics Voters Are Finally Starting to Notice the Trump Administration’s Botched Response to the Pandemic Sat Apr 4 13:48:00 2020
/nottheonion Fox News Stars Now Pretend They Never Said What They Said About the Coronavirus Sat Apr 4 13:44:10 2020
/gifs Brazil making sure everyone stays inside Sat Apr 4 13:10:11 2020
/todayilearned TIL that while writing the popular 1990s song Friday I'm in Love, The Cure frontman Robert Smith became convinced that he stole the tune from somewhere, and was so paranoid that he called every person he knew and played the song for them, asking if they recognized it. It was, indeed, unique. Sat Apr 4 12:54:07 2020
/Aww My wife gave our son a whole chicken leg last night for dinner, the look of pure joy on his face made my whole day. Sat Apr 4 12:39:24 2020
/pics a new oil painting that I finished recently titled "Stray" #BrushstrokesinTime Sat Apr 4 12:06:21 2020
/worldnews China is donating 1,000 ventilators to help New York in corona Sat Apr 4 12:02:39 2020
/todayilearned TIL TBS sped up Seinfeld by 7.5% so they could add 2 more minutes of commercials. Sat Apr 4 11:33:08 2020
/interestingasfuck Stop Motion Ski Movie Sat Apr 4 11:06:25 2020
/politics Bernie Sanders Warns Total Economic Collapse Will Be More Expensive Than Paying Workers, Reducing Health Care Costs Amid Coronavirus Sat Apr 4 10:51:04 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Sat Apr 4 10:13:23 2020
/news California launches initiative to place homeless in hotel rooms Sat Apr 4 10:09:24 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Mask V/S No mask Sat Apr 4 09:57:20 2020
/Aww If you’ve had a rough week check out Little Man snoozing with his very good boy. Sat Apr 4 09:51:07 2020
/pics I don’t get to hold her yet, but that doesn’t mean I love her any less! Sat Apr 4 09:41:28 2020
/politics Washington state nonprofit files lawsuit saying Fox News misled viewers about coronavirus Sat Apr 4 09:38:25 2020
/UpliftingNews P!nk reveals that she recovered from coronavirus. Donates $1 million Sat Apr 4 09:23:35 2020
/politics Jared Kusher ‘doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about:’ commander of Katrina Task Force Sat Apr 4 08:42:43 2020
/interestingasfuck Rain deflected by AK-47 muzzle blasts Sat Apr 4 08:20:55 2020
/pics This is whoopie cordberg Sat Apr 4 08:11:19 2020
/politics Trump is preparing the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship — but we can stop him. We can beat this lying bastard if we get angry and stay angry — thousands of bodies should be reason enough Sat Apr 4 08:01:07 2020
/Aww Two goldens playing catch the carrot Sat Apr 4 07:49:15 2020
/todayilearned TIL Goats prefer happy people. They can differentiate between human facial expressions and prefer to interact with happy people. Sat Apr 4 07:34:40 2020
/gifs Allowing your fish to see the world around the pond Sat Apr 4 07:32:51 2020
/Aww Ozzy the desk weasel. Sat Apr 4 05:51:01 2020
/Aww Been waiting 6 years to get a dog and the day finally came. Reddit meet Archie Sat Apr 4 03:56:25 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Inverted Fish Tank Sat Apr 4 03:34:45 2020
/pics After an 11 hr shift cleaning rooms exposed to Covid-19 and an allergic reaction to the cleaner Sat Apr 4 03:18:12 2020
/interestingasfuck For the first time after World War 2, the Himalayan Ranges are visible from 230 Km away due to less pollution in lockdown! Sat Apr 4 01:45:23 2020
/Aww Battle of the floofs Sat Apr 4 00:50:12 2020
/todayilearned TIL that in 1998, Pres. Bill C. read a novel about a mad scientist who spread a virus in NYC. Concerned about this risk, he established the Strategic National Stockpile, which contains billions of dollars in medical supplies (many being used now ). Fri Apr 3 23:35:12 2020
/pics Saturn Devouring His Son Fri Apr 3 23:25:45 2020
/politics Megathread: President Donald Trump Fires Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson Fri Apr 3 23:21:46 2020
/worldnews After Trump tries to block 3M’s N95 orders placed by Canada, Ontario’s premier turns the table, plans to mobilize production for “N96” masks, and keep them North of the border. Fri Apr 3 22:37:29 2020
/gifs Solar eclipse happening mid flight Fri Apr 3 21:51:06 2020
/Aww Playing peekaboo with a yellow tang fish Fri Apr 3 21:43:22 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 A Seaside Park in Japan 🔥 Fri Apr 3 21:20:50 2020
/interestingasfuck I made a motorized hidden shelf. It utilizes the unused "dead space" underneath my corner desk. Fri Apr 3 20:37:39 2020
/nottheonion "It's Not Like We Have a Massive Recession or Worse," Says Trump After 10 Million Lost Their Jobs in Two Weeks Fri Apr 3 20:32:26 2020
/todayilearned TIL that in 1977 a small town in West Virginia named Vulcan asked the USSR to help them rebuild a bridge after being denied funding by the local government. The WVA government gave them the money less then an hour after the story broke and a soviet journalist was sent to investigate. Fri Apr 3 20:21:33 2020
/pics An EMT worker ordered a sandwich from me and gave me a real mask Fri Apr 3 20:15:00 2020
/Aww Being Fancy Fri Apr 3 19:57:32 2020
/worldnews US blocks medical aid to Cuba in show of ‘wild west brutality’ Fri Apr 3 19:43:01 2020
/Aww Trying to play hide and seek with my dog, but she gets just TOO EXCITED when I spot her lol Fri Apr 3 19:00:07 2020
/todayilearned TIL In males, 80% to 95% of REM sleep is normally accompanied by partial to full penile erection. Fri Apr 3 17:49:02 2020
/politics Trump’s ignorant son-in-law is running the coronavirus response. That’s unacceptable. Fri Apr 3 17:40:40 2020
/news Two children sue Google for allegedly collecting students' biometric data Fri Apr 3 17:16:39 2020
/todayilearned TIL In a study, people were required to pour sugar into a jar, then label it as “Poison”. Despite having poured the sugar themselves, people later refused to consume it. They knew their negative feelings were irrational, but they could not get themselves to shake their intuition away. Fri Apr 3 16:20:26 2020
/politics Veterans Denounce 'Unforgivable' Decision to Remove U.S. Navy Captain Brett Crozier, Who Asked for Help With Ship's COVID-19 Outbreak Fri Apr 3 16:20:21 2020
/interestingasfuck Stone observatory tower converted to a home Fri Apr 3 16:01:46 2020
/Aww Part 2: Second slipper from Lulu Fri Apr 3 15:13:48 2020
/pics Getty Challenge - Frida Kahlo Fri Apr 3 15:04:10 2020
/politics Trump 'severely mentally troubled' and must resign from coronavirus response, mental health group warns | World Mental Health Coalition urges president's impeachment or resignation for 'dangerous detachment to reality' that is making pandemic worse Fri Apr 3 14:53:40 2020
/todayilearned TIL after the Boston Tea Party, many Americans switched to drinking coffee during the Revolutionary War because drinking tea had become unpatriotic. Fri Apr 3 14:51:02 2020
/interestingasfuck A Whale Cloud. Fri Apr 3 14:38:56 2020
/politics Dr. Fauci Shuts Down ‘Fox & Friends’ on Coronavirus Cure: ‘We Don’t Operate on How You Feel’ Fri Apr 3 14:21:43 2020
/politics Impeach Him Again | The now and future dead deserve some attempt at justice. Fri Apr 3 13:57:21 2020
/UpliftingNews NYC landlord waiving April rent for his 200-300 tenants because of Coronavirus. “I told them just to look out for your neighbor and make sure that everyone has food on their table," he said. [NYT] Fri Apr 3 13:40:28 2020
/Aww My mom adopted a cat that brings her slippers to her every morning. I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera finally Fri Apr 3 13:13:35 2020
/worldnews 3M refused Trump’s demand to divert 10 million N95 masks produced in Singapore to the US. The masks are produced in Singapore and exported to countries in Asia. Fri Apr 3 12:55:11 2020
/pics When the light hits just right. Fri Apr 3 12:23:23 2020
/todayilearned TIL that potatoes and onions shouldn't be stored together because onions emit ethylene gas that spoils potatoes. Fri Apr 3 12:11:10 2020
/politics Jared Kushner Is a Goddamn Idiot Fri Apr 3 12:05:29 2020
/politics Congressman Kim Calls for Reinstatement of Navy Captain Brett Crozier Fri Apr 3 11:19:54 2020
/gifs Gary the Magician removes his tail Fri Apr 3 11:13:23 2020
/todayilearned TIL that the liquid from canned chickpeas (and only chickpeas, not other beans) is called aquafaba and can be whipped into a stiff, fluffy foam. Aquafaba can be used instead of egg whites in baking and can even be used to make egg-free merengue. Fri Apr 3 10:51:33 2020
/news ‘Lean On Me,’ ‘Lovely Day’ singer Bill Withers dies at 81 Fri Apr 3 10:13:01 2020
/politics Jared Kushner Ripped For Saying 'Our Stockpile' Isn't Meant For States To Use Fri Apr 3 09:57:59 2020
/nottheonion Americans are driving less because of the coronavirus. That's hurting red-light camera revenue. Fri Apr 3 09:53:48 2020
/pics Covid-19 testing stations in South Korea designed to not waste precious PPE Fri Apr 3 09:51:00 2020
/Aww Those eyes Fri Apr 3 09:46:46 2020
/worldnews Bill Gates funding the construction of factories for 7 different vaccines to fight coronavirus Fri Apr 3 09:44:19 2020
/interestingasfuck Throwable fire extinguishers Fri Apr 3 08:31:11 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Arctic Fox Fri Apr 3 07:59:34 2020
/pics I painted the little lion cat from the front page on a tiny canvas Fri Apr 3 07:55:09 2020
/politics "It's Not Like We Have a Massive Recession or Worse," Says Trump After 10 Million Lost Their Jobs in Two Weeks Fri Apr 3 07:23:30 2020
/politics ‘It's a sh-- sandwich': Republicans rage as Florida becomes a nightmare for Trump Fri Apr 3 06:56:39 2020
/todayilearned TIL of Gabe Sonnier, a man who started off as a janitor in a Louisiana elementary school until one day in 1985, when he was inspired by the then-principal to take up teaching. Gabe was 39 years old when he started studying for a teaching degree. He’s now the principal of that elementary school. Fri Apr 3 06:40:16 2020
/politics Trump has handled the coronavirus the way he handles everything: Like a toddler Fri Apr 3 06:14:52 2020
/news White House advisor Dr. Fauci works 20-hour days and his wife reminds him to eat, sleep and drink water Fri Apr 3 05:59:26 2020
/pics I’ve been scanning 35mm negatives I inherited from my granddad. This is one of my favourites. Fri Apr 3 05:12:38 2020
/Aww “Good morning, now plz feed me” Fri Apr 3 05:09:08 2020

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