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/Damnthatsinteresting The way this wooden dress moves Mon Sep 21 00:59:49 2020
/interestingasfuck This is a Rock Snake Mon Sep 21 00:42:20 2020
/todayilearned TIL Liu Chuyu, a Song dynasty princess complained to her brother that it was unfair he was allowed to have as many concubines as he wanted while she was limited to a single husband. He agreed and gave her a harem of 30 young men. Mon Sep 21 00:12:09 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting This gigantic wave touching the clouds Mon Sep 21 00:06:22 2020
/interestingasfuck Dog with pipe, 1875 Sun Sep 20 23:07:50 2020
/pics My husband transformed our backyard with his own 2 hands over 9 months. Sun Sep 20 22:50:21 2020
/news Kentucky doctor who urged mask-wearing early on dies of Covid-19 Sun Sep 20 22:37:52 2020
/Aww if u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck 💜 Sun Sep 20 21:52:41 2020
/politics Bob Woodward says he will release audio tapes of Trump talking about Supreme Court Sun Sep 20 20:51:53 2020
/worldnews World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam Sun Sep 20 20:51:12 2020
/politics 'Emergency' investigation: House Democrats threaten to impeach AG Barr Sun Sep 20 19:42:41 2020
/Aww What’s like coming home to Juniper Sun Sep 20 19:31:02 2020
/todayilearned TIL that Persian King Agha Mohammad Khan ordered the execution of two servants for being too loud. Since it was a holy day, he postponed their execution by a day and made the servants return to their duties. They murdered the king in his sleep that night. Sun Sep 20 19:16:10 2020
/interestingasfuck As smooth as ice Sun Sep 20 19:11:53 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Maine Coon cat. Sun Sep 20 18:25:02 2020
/Aww The candidate we don’t deserve but the candidate we need! Sun Sep 20 16:47:27 2020
/pics John F. Kennedy campaigning in the hills of West Virginia, 1960 Sun Sep 20 16:12:08 2020
/Aww A fuzzy baby cow to brighten your day Sun Sep 20 16:01:10 2020
/politics Leak reveals $2tn of possibly corrupt US financial activity | Among those named in reports is Paul Manafort, an ex- political strategist for Donald Trump Sun Sep 20 15:11:57 2020
/interestingasfuck The absolute size of this cattle-eating crocodile caught in Australia. Sun Sep 20 14:11:56 2020
/news Secret documents show North Korea laundering money through U.S. banks Sun Sep 20 13:59:56 2020
/pics Me when I see another meme turned into a painting, oil on canvas. Sun Sep 20 13:13:07 2020
/worldnews Leaked documents reveal some of the world’s biggest banks allowed criminals to move dirty money around the world Sun Sep 20 13:04:38 2020
/todayilearned TIL Alien’s entire cast including Sigourney Weaver was originally just genderless last names, and they then picked the best person for each character, then chose a first name for them Sun Sep 20 12:28:45 2020
/interestingasfuck Sheeps getting vaccinated Sun Sep 20 12:09:06 2020
/Aww this wedding cake Sun Sep 20 11:47:17 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Game Boy-shaped mailbox in the remote mountain area of Shikoku, Japan. Sun Sep 20 11:45:46 2020
/gifs Spiral Burning Candle Time Lapse Sun Sep 20 11:29:16 2020
/UpliftingNews 106-Year-Old Maharashtra (India) Woman Wins Battle Against COVID-19: Dr Rahul Ghule, managing director of ''One Rupee Clinic'' which is managing this COVID-19 treatment facility, appreciated his team for taking care of the elderly woman Sun Sep 20 11:08:11 2020
/worldnews Turkish soldiers tortured Kurdish villagers, threw them from helicopter, locals say Sun Sep 20 10:43:33 2020
/politics Nancy Pelosi refuses to rule out second impeachment of Trump to delay Supreme Court battle Sun Sep 20 10:40:59 2020
/todayilearned TIL that Pyramids were built not just in Ancient Egypt, but also in the ancient Kingdom of Kush in modern day Sudan. However after an Italian treasure hunter obtained permission to perform "excavations", he blew up 40 Pyramids with explosives, looking for treasures, and destroyed them. Sun Sep 20 10:14:01 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Turtle makes a daring escape 🔥 Sun Sep 20 09:25:11 2020
/news Woman falls out of car window and onto highway while filming Snapchat video Sun Sep 20 08:44:31 2020
/Aww (Reuploaded as video!) Wild Hedgehog momma with four little babies! They may be small, but they are determined to make it up the stairs. Sun Sep 20 08:11:55 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Hot wheels speed test Sun Sep 20 07:47:41 2020
/politics If GOP Creates 'Illegitimate Majority' on Supreme Court, More Justices Should be Added: Former U.S. Attorney General Sun Sep 20 07:45:26 2020
/interestingasfuck This incredible wood carving Sun Sep 20 07:21:34 2020
/pics A young Helena Bonham Carter Sun Sep 20 06:59:32 2020
/worldnews Hackers leak personal data of 1,000 Belarusian police on weekend of protests Sun Sep 20 05:56:08 2020
/Aww Kid had an old bike with no brakes and dented someone's car. A few days later the car owner surprised the kid with a new bike. Sun Sep 20 05:18:19 2020
/sports When Spanish triathlete Diego Méntriga noticed that British triathlete James Teagle went the wrong way before finish line of Santander Triathlon,Mentriga waited for him so he could take what he says is his deserved 3rd place.“He was in front of me the whole time.He deserved it.” via Twitter Sun Sep 20 05:03:27 2020
/interestingasfuck That globe I found at the library Sun Sep 20 04:53:51 2020
/interestingasfuck The scar is not covered with dirt due to the absence of sweat glands on its surface. Sun Sep 20 04:00:17 2020
/Aww When the abyss stares back at you. Sun Sep 20 02:41:40 2020
/gifs Unclogging a pipe Sun Sep 20 02:33:43 2020
/todayilearned TIL that spiral staircases were installed in fire stations in the 1800s to stop the horses that pulled the engines going up the stairs when they smelled food cooking. Sun Sep 20 02:26:41 2020
/Aww This little guy is 15yrs old, he is deaf and going blind but still playful as the day we got him. Sun Sep 20 01:28:30 2020
/interestingasfuck Solid-axle suspension vs independent suspension Sun Sep 20 00:46:31 2020
/worldnews Mass suspension of German police officers who shared pictures of Hitler and doctored images of refugees in gas chambers Sun Sep 20 00:03:20 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit This moss is hydrophobic and repels the stream that’s running over it Sat Sep 19 23:33:39 2020
/interestingasfuck Unbelievably powerful Ad that was run by Amnesty International before the Beijing Olympics Sat Sep 19 23:12:58 2020
/worldnews Trump administration insists UN sanctions on Iran are restored. No, they're not, says United Nations Sat Sep 19 23:11:55 2020
/interestingasfuck Happened in a Nigerian bank. A security man walked up to the Bank Manager and boldly told him that he is a graduate and would love to participate in the Aptitude test for the vacant position. The pic shows him on Friday: last day as a security man and Monday: first day as a Banker. Sat Sep 19 22:40:13 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting All those blades I've ruined... Sat Sep 19 22:36:59 2020
/interestingasfuck The dog is covered in powder, look like a fire hound. Sat Sep 19 22:18:29 2020
/news Protesters rally outside Mitch McConnell's Louisville home in wake of RBG death Sat Sep 19 21:52:18 2020
/worldnews Bleach touted as 'miracle cure' for Covid being sold on Amazon Sat Sep 19 21:45:39 2020
/todayilearned TIL that all ships visiting the ancient city of Alexandria were obliged to surrender their books for immediate copying. The owners received a copy and the originals were placed in the Library of Alexandria Sat Sep 19 21:40:16 2020
/pics The scene at the U.S. Supreme Court tonight at RBG’s vigil. Unprecedented. Sat Sep 19 21:11:09 2020
/interestingasfuck Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk, burned himself to death in 1963 to protest alleged persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. Despite being on fire, he didn’t move or show emotion. Sat Sep 19 20:56:41 2020
/politics Jerry Nadler says Democrats should 'immediately' move to expand the Supreme Court if the GOP pushes a lame duck vote Sat Sep 19 20:28:25 2020
/Aww 1 hour after I adopted him Sat Sep 19 19:40:35 2020
/interestingasfuck Long Exposure Traffic Lights Sat Sep 19 19:40:26 2020
/nottheonion Emmys Presenters Will Hand Out Trophies in Hazmat Tuxedos Sat Sep 19 19:17:31 2020
/todayilearned TIL: One of the most successful stagecoach drivers was a black woman nicknamed 'Stagecoach Mary'. Over six years, Mary rode her stagecoach all over Montana and never missed a day of work, never failed to deliver mail, and was never late once. Sat Sep 19 18:15:22 2020
/gifs The process of creating a tree. Amazing Sat Sep 19 18:02:36 2020
/pics My wife asked me to paint an oil portrait of her. This was the best I could come up with. Sat Sep 19 16:30:14 2020
/interestingasfuck German Soldiers React To Footage Of Concentration Camps, 1945 Sat Sep 19 16:13:27 2020
/politics Majority of voters say Trump should not nominate a Supreme Court justice: poll Sat Sep 19 15:56:38 2020
/Aww Just turned 21 years. He has accompanied me through teenage years, college, marriage, and was still able to meet my 4 month old baby. Thank you for a lifetime of companionship...I love you with all my 💓. Sat Sep 19 15:36:05 2020
/todayilearned TIL 2 million Americans can trace their lineage to a Mayflower passenger who fell overboard and survived by grabbing a trailing rope Sat Sep 19 15:29:23 2020
/news A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to Trump intercepted by law enforcement. Sat Sep 19 15:26:04 2020
/politics 'Use my words against me': A 2016 video of Lindsey Graham saying a Supreme Court vacancy should never be filled in an election year is going viral. Sat Sep 19 15:04:42 2020
/pics My 13 year old brother saved up over $900 to get the gaming PC that he wanted. I’m so proud of him. Sat Sep 19 14:51:41 2020
/Damnthatsinteresting Birds eye view over Paris Sat Sep 19 14:50:37 2020
/interestingasfuck Jupiter, high on caffeine, sleep deprived, and doing its best to take care of 79 moons Sat Sep 19 14:22:48 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Dolphin posing for a perfect shot Sat Sep 19 14:00:28 2020
/politics Raw: Protesters Gather Outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's Home Sat Sep 19 12:54:53 2020
/interestingasfuck Towering thunder clouds that were captured during a sunset created the most amazing, yet haunting effect. Sat Sep 19 12:49:02 2020
/Aww People of r/aww, even if you do not like reptiles... Y'all need to see this! Sat Sep 19 12:32:30 2020
/worldnews Brexit has now cost more than the International Space Station Sat Sep 19 12:24:05 2020
/pics My neighbor has 8 kids. He said it was this or a minivan. Sat Sep 19 11:59:11 2020
/news U.S. Covid-19 death toll surpasses 200,000 Sat Sep 19 11:43:57 2020
/pics I'm proud of my son for finishing the requirements and becoming an Eagle Scout. Sat Sep 19 11:30:13 2020
/politics Video of Lindsey Graham insisting Supreme Court vacancies should never be filled in election years goes viral Sat Sep 19 11:13:17 2020
/todayilearned TIL in 2004 the father of Professional Golfer Rory McIlroy placed a £200 ($341) bet, at 500-1 odds, that his son would win the British Open within the next 10 years when his son was just 15 years old. In 2014 McIlroy won the tournament earning his father $171,000 from the wager. Sat Sep 19 10:40:15 2020
/pics Thoughtful message on a sign Sat Sep 19 10:20:31 2020
/interestingasfuck Before & After removing Keloid tumor Sat Sep 19 09:30:22 2020
/Aww Good boy doesn't like to get his paws wet Sat Sep 19 09:02:33 2020
/news US cases of depression have tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic Sat Sep 19 08:23:16 2020
/gifs The good doggo has a good teacher! Sat Sep 19 08:14:34 2020
/interestingasfuck Catching Durian Fruit Sat Sep 19 07:55:52 2020
/politics Opinion: With Justice Ginsburg’s death, Mitch McConnell’s nauseating hypocrisy comes into full focus Sat Sep 19 07:51:10 2020
/pics Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last public appearance was to officiate a wedding Sat Sep 19 07:50:15 2020
/worldnews Navalny says he can walk and recognize people as he eyes 'clear road' to recovery from poisoning Sat Sep 19 07:25:35 2020
/todayilearned TIL There is a statue of Tesla in Silicon Valley that radiates free Wi-Fi. It was done as an homage to his vision for wireless communication Sat Sep 19 06:35:17 2020
/NatureIsFuckingLit 🔥 Royal flycatcher Sat Sep 19 06:10:49 2020
/pics Females in Dhaka are guarded by teenage students after 4 girls got raped. Sat Sep 19 05:20:58 2020
/news Dee Snider blasts unmasked protesters for using "We’re Not Gonna Take It" Sat Sep 19 03:58:54 2020

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